Dark, grimly enchanting, this tarot will help users connect with their inner shadow. Strange creatures and powerful sorcerers dwell in savage landscapes - an inspiring realm where magick is reality.. This ominous, exquisitely crafted tarot is ideal for magicians, witches, Charmed fans, and anyone drawn to great art and magick. Strange creatures and powerful magick dwell in savage landscapes - an inspiring realm where magick is reality.. Boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet.
The Dark Grimoire Tarot digging deep into the dark zones of the mind and spirit we are able to gain a deep insight into the Gorgon mind. This metaphor takes the Tarot to a deep and profound dimension. The Dark Grimoire Tarot is therefore a key that can open forgotten doors in the darkest corners of the psyche, you are able to gaze into the mind, and see the future of humanity if continues on this path. What are those doors hidden in the shadows & engulfed in spider webs which drives the Gorgon's mind. Opening those doors can mean gaining knowledge of the nature of the dark zones & recognising the dark side of human nature. Tales of "black books", known as "Dark Veda" heretical priests, forbidden rituals and dark magic weave through the Dark Grimoire Tarot.
If the abyss of the unconscious unexpectedly gapes open before you, all reason may fail. As you pass the spheres of existence one by one, you approach the centre of the External Universe where time & space no longer have meaning. Extraordinary creatures are born of chaos in the mad mind of Azatoth and settle in the multidimensional world. Many of the images are close enough to Rider-Waite renderings to be accessible to a wide audience. Some of the Minor Arcana evoke the situations and emotion imbedded within common interpretations, but those that don’t are animated enough to stimulate intuition, invite speculation and encourage contemplation and In some instances the Dark Grimoire Tarot conveys interesting observations.
There are many type of Gypsy Cards and, whether Hungarian, Austrian or Italian are a system all on their own. Well, this is what the  common belief system is among Tarot Readers. That is why Gypsy cards are not called Tarot Cards. What is the difference? Tarot cards like Rider Waite are numbered and usually consist of 78 cards. Whilst Gypsy cards are not numbered and don't have major and minor arcanas. What is Arcana? Arcana translating as 'secrets or mysteries', hidden, concealed secrets. The word is originated from Latin arcanus, from arcere ‘to shut up’, from arca ‘chest’. However, this word goes much further back than Latin, it's origin derived from Sanskrit language 'arcana' translating to  worship, honor and it is also relating to the primordial Sun.
The Tarot consist of the two groups of cards in a tarot pack: the twenty-two trumps (the major arcana ) and the fifty-six suit card. Trump again can be traced back to Sanskrit language, 'trmp' means dialogue with the universe, referring to Messenger called Yah-Zus, known as Jesus today. Major arcana are pictures that represent life, stages and experiences we all go through. It's meant to be the story of one's journey through life. Minor arcana cards describes the people, events, feelings and circumstances we encounter on our personal Journey. It represents events that are within the control of the individual and indicate how you do something.
So far this covers the basic difference between Gypsy Card and Tarot Cards. However, Gypsy Cards although it is mostly unknown also contain major and minor arcanas and it has to be in sequence as it would be numbered. For example the number 1 card is the card of Sweetheart, followed by the card of Lover. They are considered as major arcana's as it is explaining stages of creation. Whilst minor arcana is anger, jealousy, desire, hope, etc. These are events within your control.
Therefore the two cards are not so different after all. Personally I prefer the Gypsy Cards, because there are less images to memorize. I find it very convenient to have less cards to spread, yet each card holds meanings that makes up the 78 card reading, if you learn in depth what each card convey. But first, you have to learn the basics, so we offer books, which will help you to start reading Gypsy Cards.

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Boxed Deck.


$20.00 AUD.

By: AGMuller, Michele Penco


  78 cards.
Price: $20.00 AUD
All Tarot books we are offering are translated from Sanskrit, which was the original way of reading the cards. The aim of Tarot was/is a guide, to find the right path, how to live a happy and balanced lifestyle whilst you are on your journey with many obstacles to overcome. Only with Sanskrit language you are able to understand the origin of tarot, its original purpose and meaning. Why Sanskrit is the origin of tarot? Most people are not aware that the native speakers of Sanskrit is the Romani People, called Gypsies. When you translate the word Tarot, you will realise this ancient origin. The word Taro derived from Sanskrit tARA, meaning Earth, and tArita, meaning liberated, saved, rescued, conveyed across. Why is Tarot related to Earth? Its meaning referring to our voyage, life, how to achieve balance and enlightenment in our journey of life.​