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The Widower card derived from the Sanskrit word ullAsa, eg. becoming visible, appearing, coming forth, so on. UllAsa better known as Ulysses or Odysseus Journey in Greek and Roman mythology. The other Sanskrit word for the Widower is urvI (pronounced orphi) meaning heaven and earth, and pracArin, e.g. coming forth, appear, referring to the time when we departed from the Sun, started out on our journey, hence the name widower, portraying departing, loss, the beginning of illusion. Matter in Sanskrit has many names, it is called illusion; vibh-rama or Maya. The card of widower also hiding the mythology of the Cyclops and it's connection to Orpheus. This connection becomes clear with its origin, Sanskrit. In Greek language the Cyclops is Kyklop, adopted from Sanskrit Kalpa, meaning ritual, is one of the six auxiliary disciplines known as the Vedangas, which support the study of the Vedas, containing the sacred knowledge how to communicate with the universe. Kalpa was changed to Necronomicon, due to wrong understanding of the Sanskrit words. Necronomicon is a compound of Ancient Greek words; nekros, "dead body", and manteĆ­a, "divination by means of". This ignorance which changed the history of humans, the highly advanced Sanskrit knowledge turned into darkness and ignorance spells and witchcraft. Nirukta (necronomicon) contain obscure and unknown words, an in-depth study, which helps to discover the hidden meaning of its linguistic and philosophic significance. However, the study of the words do not apply for long words only, but each Sanskrit letter contain a hidden meaning. For example studying the word ORION reveals its hidden secrets;

O = observation, eye,
RI = gamut, scale, collective inhabitants,
nA = knowledge, centre, and our connection as an umbilical cord to the ORION star system and to humanity...
Therefore, ORION means origin, birth of humanity. It is a highly advanced picture thinking, and with one word you are able to see its many components as one.

There are three major forms of citta. First, there is the lower mind's consciousness, called "manas", our perceptions. Second is ahamkara, which literally means "I-shaped," view of the world, meaning your way of life, your experiences. It is the your shaped world (ahamkara) that gives rise to your ego and your mistaken view of self. The third is called buddhi or intelligence, which is the first manifestation out of the cosmic consciousness called "mahat." Manas and ahamkara are the outward-facing projections of consciousness, also known as shadow identity, whilst buddhi turns us around and looks inward.


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Representation of

- Departing, solitude, protection.


- Sanskrit - UllAsa, urvI, pracArin, Kalpa.

Known as

- Odysseus, Ullyses, Cyclops

Symbol for

- Our Journey from the Orion star system and the department, exile from our birth place, the Sun. Kalpa (Cyclops in Greek) is the only way to communicate with the universe, the sacred Vedic hymns, a sacred Sanskrit sound vibrations called Nirukta, opening the mind to the medium of aether, space, communication with the universe. to business or choosing a partner.

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