Agni Tara, Ancient Way Reading Tarot

The Widow, the ancient knowledge also known as fire of the Sun is referring to the Veda, where the ancient knowledge of creation, science and many other secrets were recorded. The Veda also known as Europa called Arya, referring to knowledge, which can be used for the advancement for all, but it can be used for selfish cause, gaining advantage over others. That is the reason for the Widow to represent crossroad, it is a portrayal of decision. Knowledge also known as Hallow, and Arya i.e. “Sanskrit” and the Veda. The Widow also implies to Pentagram called paJcataya, meaning five parts. The pentagram, representing the five elements, deposited in five hollows (the seeds of Chronos i.e. Time, from Sanskrit Krit). Pentagram derived from two words, the first is paJcat, meaning consisting of five, and grAma meaning  scale or line. The reason for using scale, sound, vibration, is hinting the creation of the universe, the sound or wave which caused the appearance of time.

When you understand the universe, the sun and every life-form was created by sound, you understand the sound of god, called Yah-Zus in Sanskrit, (which was changed into Jesus) i.e. the Sound of God, the sound of creation, which has the power to reprogram your DNA. That is why he is also called the messenger and Ecclesiastic. We each have a sound, a vibration and it varies from one person to another. Thought also alters the sound you transfer to the universe, and so is an illness you are suffering from, which can be healed with the right sound. This is the power of the 'Voice of God', the universe, and it was recorded through the refined vibration in Sanskrit, hence the name, the language of  God, the language of Jesus.

The original Veda contained all of the knowledge which was the foundation of the growing insights gained by modern psychology. However, understanding the psyche, in the wrong hands it becomes a weapon of mass destruction as it can be used in reverse, for manipulation, instead of enlightenment.


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Representation of

- Crossroad in relation to knowledge, depends what it is used for.


- Sanskrit - Arya, Hallow, Vedangas.

Known as

- Europa, Sanskrit, the Veda.

Symbol for

- Devotion, true knowledge, excellent. When knowledge used in reverse, the Widow from light becomes darkness. Europa (the knowledge, the Veda) can be used for the advancement of humanity, or it can be used to create mental blindness, hence it becomes crossroad, decision.

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