Agni Tara, Ancient Way Reading Tarot

The Sun as a Phoenix known as Apollo or Aploun in Greek, derived from the Sanskrit word Aplavate (Aplu), inundate, affected by, which words referring to another Sanskrit word sAha, M'sAha, that is Messiah and bedew, the cleansing of the soul, which was adopted in Christianity as baptism. Apollo also called Agni in Sanskrit, symbolises fire, vibration and sound. Agni was born from the Cosmic Man, YahZus, which translates to the sound of god from two Sanskrit words Yah Vah i.e. "He who expended into the universe", and Zus or Zrut meaning sound, vibration (in Greek is known as Zeus). Thus combining the words we get Yah-Zus “The Voice of God”, the vibration of the universe. The Phoenix is associated with the sun, new life, by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. In historical records, the phoenix symbolising renewal in general as well as the sun, time, metempsychosis, consecration, resurrection, life in a higher plane of existence, achieved upon accepting the spirit, creating unity within spirit, mind and body. The Visitor's aim is to bring us purity, enlightenment, to take us to the right path and to free us from suffering, which is based on desires, the ego. The visitor's aim is to teach you the ego-less, freedom within, which is called buddhi state. That is, when your mind becomes still and you are able to rest in your true nature.

Freedom is knowing the way of the universe, not intellectually, because the intellect is still prakriti (matter, ego), but at a deeper level. Wisdom (Viveka) develops an inner knowing that discerns the ephemeral from the actual - separating the apparent nature of the world from its underlying reality. It is achieved through reasoning, wisdom, which develops the will to renounce all that is unreal, dualistic universe into oneness, the cessation of fluctuations of the mind with Citta, i.e., consciousness, in its various manifestations.

There are three major forms of citta. First, there is the lower mind's consciousness, called "manas", our perceptions. Second is ahamkara, which literally means "I-shaped," view of the world, meaning your way of life, your experiences. It is the your shaped world (ahamkara) that gives rise to your ego and your mistaken view of self. The third is called buddhi or intelligence, which is the first manifestation out of the cosmic consciousness called "mahat." Manas and ahamkara are the outward-facing projections of consciousness, also known as shadow identity, whilst buddhi turns us around and looks inward.


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Representation of

- Rebirth, enlightenment.


- Sanskrit - Pha-nikSa, Rama-yAna, Aplu, YahSus.

Known as

- Phoenix, Apollo, Jesus, Messenger, Spirit.

Symbol for

- Phoenix is representing manifestation, rebirth, a metaphysical vehicle to enlightenment. The Visitor is a representation of finding the right path toward buddhi state, when the mind becomes still and you are able to rest in your true nature.

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