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The Golden Fleece

in Sanskrit is known as lava, meaning to cut off a peace, division, destruction. The other word is ehas, meaning rivalry, emulation. With the stolen knowledge, the Gorgons were able to create contentions, rivalry, within continents, countries, groups, different races, families, individuals, etc. By bringing together the armies of various countries in the name of peace they are able to start war against anyone, anywhere, wiping out any leader, country, any race, who they consider as enemy. In Sanskrit a rival also known as spardha, translating to rivalry, envy, desire. Rivalry which will create hate and anger, (ehas) between the competitors. Rivalry become such a blinding state that it even exist in every religious thoughts, organisations, belief systems. The rivalry between religions is obvious on a number of fronts: in wars between Christians, Muslims, and Hindus; in sectarian violence between Catholics and Protestants, or between Shia and Sunni; in the persecution of doctrinal heretics; in the splintering of new sects along doctrinal lines; in efforts to convert; and so on.

What drives these rivalries?

Social, political, economic, and other factors may play their parts, but it is mainly exist because it is fuelled by the Merchant, to keep power and superiority over the people. Underlying them all is the dragon teeth, called the Sleepers who spread all over the world. They are waiting for the command of Jason, from Sanskrit YahZon meaning to march, prosper on the red dragon to create division - who can turn the armies against each other by throwing a stone amongst them, (stone representing ideas, religion, differing opinions, competition) division, without him being harmed and thus they can be easily conquered, becoming the servants of the dragon, damunas-kratu, demonic oppression. YahZon also translates as Merchant who is assisted by  Media, the Sirens. The Sirens helping the Merchant to create desire in you by the means of shape-shifting, taking up any race, religion, idea, nationalism, creating extremists, hate against groups, races, countries, convincing you to follow them. The card is pointing out the negative emotions which is attached to rivalry, which always leads to hostile adversary.

Rivalry derived from the ego, from greed, to win at any cost, to appear to be the only ones, the knower of the truth. The card of Rival summons up desire, lust, hate, arrogance, mental blindness.


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Representation of

- Division.


- Sanskrit - Lava, ehas

Known as

- Jason and Media quest for the Golden Fleece. The Golden Fleece is a symbol for authority, superpower, which can only be maintained with rivalry, conflict.

Symbol for

- To keep authority, the Merchant will foment contentions; to stir up strife or war, especially to do something that is intended to put an end to strife with peacekeepers, armies, whilst they will brings a war about later.

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