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The enemy card is derives from Sanksrit manA-tarus, defining mana as envy, jealousy and tarus as battle, superiority. ManA-tarus left in Greek mythology as the Minotaur, who was a bull-headed monster born to Queen Pasiphae of Crete after she had coupled with a Gorgon i.e. a white bull. The creature resided in the twisting maze of the labyrinth, where he was offered a regular sacrifice of 7 youth and 7 maid to satisfy his lust and cannibalistic hunger. The Minotaur also called mano-vikSepa, i.e. unsoundness of the mind. The enemy also refers to Kanati (Cain), which means to hurt and to injure. The word Kanati consist of two Sanskrit words, the first is khana (Cain), eating, and the second is Ati (Abel), I, meaning consuming human flesh, that is, Kanati means cannibalism, as the exact translation is “Eating Oneself”. Therefore, Kanati means that Cain and Abel is one person and not two brothers and that Kanati was the first born on earth to develop selfishness. The origin of this mental blindness emanated from cannibalism which caused parihan i.e. change, alteration of the mind and it become an inherited mental condition. Kanati in Sanskrit also referring to a person who is devious. The ancient doctrine, the Veda described this dual personality of a killer and the selfish concern of the 'I', but was changed to hide the truth. What's more, you can combine their names as is, and you get CainAbel, that is cannibal in English too. The other word for the card of Enemy is viplava and garjati in Sanskrit, meaning to roar, growl, and 'terrifying an enemy by shouts and gestures. Thus, the Minotaur symbolising a man or a group of people with bad-intention, secret enemy, whose aim is to harm. To hide his crime, he becomes the enemy to enslave the people originally possessing the knowledge he took possession of, for one purpose only - to create ignorance by turning the light (Agni, the Veda) into darkness, into the Dark Veda, for the people to forget their true knowledge, to satisfy his own greed, perversion, lust and pride.


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Representation of

- Hidden enemy.


- Sanskrit - manA-tarus. garjati, garga, Kanati.

Known as

- Minotaur, Roaring, Bull, Rumbling, The story of Cain and Abel

Symbol for

- Ancient enemy of humans, the Minotaur, from Sanskrit manA-tarus, defining mana as envy, jealousy and tarus as battle, superiority.

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