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Hope, the same way as desire has a double meaning. If you hope for inner peace, understanding, greater ability to stay in the here and now, hope to lessen desire, these are all good things to hope for. This kind of hope inspires humans to try and take action today and not 'one day' in the future. But again hoping that this alone will bring you peace and happiness is a wrong perception. It will not, because it is about the journey, not the destination. You must find your happiness in the journey that hope inspires you to find true knowledge, finding your way home to liberation. Hope in Sanskrit is called phanindra (known as Pandora), meaning “weapon of mass destruction” and pandura i.e. leprosy. What is hope exactly? Hope is referring "to cherish a desire with anticipation", which connects Pandora to the Sirens, who lured sailors to their death.

The other Sanskrit word describing hope is AsvAsa translating to finding your way home, but it also means indecision, which in the long run erodes your confidence. Hope served the demons well, they could get away with all the evils they brought with them, because people were 'hoping' for a better life in their next life, stopping them from action in the here and now, hoping it will get better in the future, meanwhile evil prospered when good man decided to 'hope' instead of bringing back the light, the truth, which would of stop evil to take over the world. That is why the representation of Pandora sitting on earth with the remaining hope in the jar, helping evil to rampage on Earth. Hope can represent religious ideas, and the 7 sages, setting up different organisations, such as law and justice, army and human rights, media, political system, education, etc. All these institutions giving you hope that we are living in equality and the justice system is there to protect you. Yet these institutions are just another type of illusion. In reality they are set up to protect their own power, taking away your freedom. For instance you cannot fight for justice if you have no money and you will not get good education without wealth. Some children graduate from a poor school without knowing how to read or write.


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Representation of

- Hope.


- Phanindra, Pandura, pana, darasa  - AzvAsa.

Known as

- Pandora, pale white, possessing, dealing, to stake.

Symbol for

- Phanindra, meaning the weapon of mass destruction, known as Pandora, and AsvAsa translating to finding your way home, but it also means indecision.

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