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The Thief card is called Pramatha in Sanskrit, (Prometheus in Greek) translating to rape, destruction, tormenting, racking, theft. Prometheus remained a hero for the thieves, as they become the leaders of the world today. The theft which created inequality, different religious ideas, wars, slavery, division, racism.

The story of Prometheus is not about stealing 'fire' but Agni, the fire of the sun, which translates to knowledge, communication between man and the universe, the Veda, the sacred text and science of the ancient Phoenicians (the Romani people), to conceal the vast knowledge it contained from the people. The stolen knowledge, Agni, contained the secrets of the universe, creation, psychic energy, the powers of the human mind and heart, particularly those manifesting in thought, and creativity. The translation of Prometheus referring to another Sanskrit word, kRSNa i.e. an evil serpent-demon who was able to gain access to the sacred knowledge by means of destruction, rape, the racking of civilisation, theft, enslavement, the first holocaust in the history men. After the theft Zeus punished Promethues by creating a deadly woman called Pandora, from Sanskrit phanindra, translating as the weapon of mass destruction. This was not a punishment, but helping to Gorgons to mislead humanity to believe in deception as facts and in lying tongue as the truth (with the help of Hermes and Media). However, when you access knowledge which you're not ready to receive it becomes a dangerous weapon, which will destroy you in the long run.

The knowledge is used to create mental blindness, by re-writing them into different religious doctrines, which does not lead you to enlightenment but to the poverty of the soul, extremist arrogance and hateful views. The truth is hidden by enslaving the knower, making them as blind as themselves. In their slavery they forgot who they were, where they come from and most of all they forgot the secret knowledge which would save the world from destruction, from Pandora.


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Representation of

- Tormenting, theft, subjugation.


- Sanskrit - pramatha.

Known as

- Prometheus in Greek mythology

Symbol for

- The Thief card portraying theft of knowledge which is dangerous in the wrong hands. When you access knowledge which you're not ready to receive it becomes a weapon, which will destroy the thieves in the long run.

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