Agni Tara, Ancient Way Reading Tarot

The First Question is How Tarot can Relate to Philosophy?‚Äč

Tarot derived from a Sanskrit word, Tara, meaning inquiry, discussion, in another word it is thought, it is philosophy. Thought in Sanskrit is known as Cit and Cintana, which become the name of the Romany people, Cigany, Cigani, Tsigan, Gitane, which words referring to them as thinkers, philosophers. Therefore Cigany Kartya (Cintana Tara) means inquiry into thought, inquiry into the mind.. However, the word philosophy does not mean what we know it to mean... The word 'philosophy' is compiled from two Sanskrit words, phil, meaning to pile up and sophia, from sopadi meaning fraudulent, cheating, swindling, corrupt, criminal, so on... Therefore, the meaning of philosophia is to pile up stolen knowledge. By now it should be more clear that philosophy derived from Sanskrit, it is not a Greek word..

What Sanskrit has to do with the Romani people?

Their name, 'romani' gives a hint who they are. It is a Sanskrit word. You can find the word Romani in buddhist chants; om mani padme hum. Except they left out the R. So, it is R om mani, which becomes Romani. What does Romani means? Om is AUM, the word Mani means "jewel" or "bead", Padme is the "lotus flower" (lotus flower in Sanskrit representing logic), and Hum represents the spirit of enlightenment.

Whilst when we translating Romani with the original Sanskrit writing, which is hieroglyphics, it opens up it's secret meaning.
R or rA means; love, yield, give, bestowing, effecting
OM or AUM means; to become one with the creator, whilst AUM means A: Alpha, (creator) U: fire (Knowledge) M: water (unification), buddhi state.
A - creator or mA happiness, pray, prepare.
Ni - 7th note (a "seventh note" usually means dominant seventh chord: a major triad together with a minor seven). The Seventh note (chord) is referring to the creation of the universe, non-matter creation of matter and the Triad, the triangle, is the reference of the creator, also known as AUM, 'the sound of God' which caused the beginning of creation.

The Metatron’s Cube 13 spheres

Their knowledge however was stolen, which is left in the mythology of Prometheus, and again it is a Sanskrit word, from Sanskrit Pramata translating to thief, who stole the 'fire' the 'fire of the Sun' which word in Sanskrit referring to knowledge, consciousness, the Voice of God, Messenger,  (ekalakSyatA, i.e. Ecclesiastic) also known as YahSus, changed to Jesus. Messenger, ekalakSyatA (ecclesiastic) state of being, referring to gamAgamakArin, dialogue, also known as Carca or philosophy. It is an 'inner dialogue', Cintana, the thinking soul, which leads to Carca, dialogue within, a dialogue with the creator, to become one with the Creator (YOGA), the universe, which is contained within the 13 spheres of gamAgamakArin in the form of rays, the magnetic field of the Metatron's Cube. That is, when we become into phase with the natural rhythms of the Universe, its vibration, resonance, it serves as a tool for personal transformation, a template for uniting the individual to the whole, to others, Earth and the Universe. The Gamma rays called Alpha, (Creator, the voice of God, Yah-Sus). The particles are positively charged, therefore attracted to the negative plate in an electric field, which is matter. That is the reason for non-matter creation of matter, see card Wedding. This attraction which created life, and it is represented with two triangles, the metatron's cube.

The Metatron’s Cube 13 spheres are representative of the 13 creation that stand before ‘the creator’. Each creation is a Sacred Keeper of an element of Creation and expands the field of Creation infinitely in all directions of time and space. Thus the 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube are present through all levels of creation from the highest vibrational frequency pulses at the central core of source through to the densest of physical matter. Creation is present everywhere, in each and every moment. Thus the Spheres are also present within you, they are you, they create you.

The next question is how every word in Greek language derived from Sanskrit more so than any other language? And why is their writing derived from hieroglyphics?

Did they visit India before settling in Greece? Unlikely. Did the Indians live in Ancient Greece? Implausible. Did they visit Egypt and learned writing from them? Why did they use the Sanskrit Svastika on their images?

How did they get access to Sanskrit, hieroglyphics, and why they don't have their own words and their own writing? Its a mystery and we have to live it there, because it is suppose to be a secret. If this knowledge become known, it will be devastating, it can bring the collapse of the ruling class. That is why it has to remain a closely guarded secret and that is why the Romani people were enslaved, and recently killed in Europe. Consequently, we should pretend to be stupid, so greed can go on and fluorish.

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