The Agni Tara ebook is 157 pages, A4 and 41 MB download. Included in the set is the printable 60 Agni Cards, 11 pages A4 and 40.2 MB DOWNLOAD. Each page of the Agni Tara contains 6 cards. What is Agni and Tara? They both Sanskrit words, Agni translates as the Fire of the Sun, the Sound of the Universe and Tara means voyage, that is, it is referring to our voyage of life. The book was translated from the original 'tarot language' Sanskrit, which will open up a complete new world for you. The ancient interpretation of the cards, designed to understand you voyage, life, to come to a new perception of the wolrd around you, learning the meaning of ego-less, which helps you toward enlightenment..

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  Printable, 60 cards.


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Card size:

  48 x 27 cm 60 cards
Price: $20.00 AUD
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The Gypsy Cards called Agni Tara was first published by in 2011, the cards were since revised from 36 cards to 60 cards in 2017. The images portraying mythological themes, which allows you to understand the origin of Gypsy card and Tarot Cards. With these card it will become clear the connection between ancient mythology, Budhist belief system, Christianity, philosophy, and the Veda. You will also learn how the creation of universe played out in human life. Since Sanskrit language is a very complex language, it takes many years of study to understand some of the meaning and teaching the ancient left behind in Gypsy Cards and Tarot Cards. When you study the cards deeper, than the image simplicity suggested at first sight, starting to reveal its complex secrets, the knowledge of creation, personified in human life, a deep understanding about human nature, the psyche, helping you to understand yourself. Tarot cards or Gypsy cards often advertised as images to predict the future. There are many people who are skeptics and rightfully so asking how can an image, a drawing is able to predict what will happen? When you understand the meaning of the images, it reveals your future by shedding light on the past, which brought you to your present situation and if you let the past to be in control, it will be a major factor which will define your future. Therefore, tarot cards and Gypsy cards are a way to gain deeper understanding about yourself, where you come from, and what direction you should chose in your life journey to help you toward a better future. The CARD OF AGNI by, consist of 60 cards. The cards have beautiful images that looks as it was decorated by the ancients, with descriptor words in  English. The Agni Cards are based on similar theme as the Hungarian Gypsy tarot, Zigeuner cards, Art Deco or Gypsy Oracle card, but the card of Agni brings all these cards together into one. The ancient mythological images were created were simple yet striking at the same time. Don't let the image simple theme full you, the Agni taro conveys very complex interpretation. This card was created on the computer, however, it will give you images, which is easy to understand, but if you want to know the full detail, you need the Agni Set. Each picture speaks for itself, gives you a hint of it's meaning. This card is excellent for the lovers and collectors of Gypsy Cards.
Agni Tara, Ancient Way Reading Tarot