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General Meaning of the Flowers Card.

Period of influence: Immediate to short.
Symbol for: Happiness, success.
Position 1: Success in all affairs.
Position 2: Winning.
Position 3: Fulfilment of a dream, hope.
Position 4: You will find means of earning money.

The Bouquet of Flowers close to you will show some money. When it is in a distance, it brings great success in all affairs. In relationship the card tells to respect the communion, to value it and to hold on to it. The Bouquet of Flowers in Gypsy card represented with the Some Money card, portraying good fortune, gift from Earth. In other Gypsy Cards Some Money will represent the same theme, which becomes more clear with the history of money. In ancient time, money didn't exist, wealth was measured with harvest, and due to hard work you are rewarded with the wealth of earth. In summer when the harvest was good they were able to put away food for winter, which brought harmony to the community, as it was equally portioned out in the winter. Yet it can also mean to accumulate, that is, it can mean hoarding or the wasting of wealth. The function of wealth is to provide contentment, which serves as a solid foundation for spiritual development. Therefore the card is also a warning not to hoard or waste your money. We shouldn't forget: "who does not respect small, does not deserve more.

POSITION 1: Good fortune in all pursuits. Great success awaits you in all your affairs. If you asked this question in the reading and this picture comes up in this position, then you know the answer is positive.

POSITION 2: Winning, monetary gain. This could mean an increase in salary, some new income from investments, or even winnings from a lottery ticket. Good fortune in all pursuits. Great success awaits you in all your business affairs.

POSITION 3: Fulfilment of a hope. The hopes people have vary from something as small as earning ten dollars to something as lofty as ambitious as making millions. In order your wish to be fulfilled, your hope only needs to be something you want to do and are physically and mentally capable of doing. When this card comes up, then your hope will turn to reality. Just remember that it takes time to become a champion in any field, so don't give up. Work toward your goal and you will achieve it.