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General Meaning of the Party Card.

Representation of -  Echo, Narcissus and the Golden Fleece connection.
Origin - Sanskrit -  Ekatana, dhvani.
Known as - Narcissus and Echo in Greek mythology.
Symbol for -  Don't become a hallow instrument of Narcissus. You should learn to think for yourself, to follow your own path.

The card is portraying an open, cheerful, happy togetherness. At the centre of the image the woman beating the drum, dominating the others, enjoying the attention she receives. She is taking the role as a leader and the others playing their parts as follower. She has a need to be admired, to be followed, respected, that is, to be superior, whilst the participants happily obligate themselves. The woman on the front at first glance willingly conforming to the wishes of the leader, obeying, serving and emulating her, whilst a man behind her is seduced by her beauty. Her need to be admired and to dominate, connects this card to the card of Narcissus, however here the meaning is not as straight forward. We already know that pride is fuelled by narcissism and here have the same meaning, but we can see the full story, clarifying the hidden connection between Narcissus and Echo. The card is rather a continuation of the card of Rival, the Golden Fleece, which brought superiority to Narcissus who was able to make you a hollow instrument, an echo, so he can enjoy attention, praise and envy. The woman beating the drum obviously believes there is none worthy of her. Her way to make sure she is followed is to give you an ultimatum, - you're either with me or against me -, and accordingly they might develop a bond with one another, which will turn into an unpleasant event after the party is over. The message of the card, do not follow blindly, but see for yourself the truth and not what others want you to believe. To see through appearances brings clear mind, clarity, and peace. That is the path you should follow if you don't want to fall into the trap of Narcissus and Echo. Meaning, watch out for the seemingly informal or friendly position and you should try to create real friendship, to find the common values and you should beseem those who truly care about you. The Party Card also reviling what happened after the theft, (see card Thief). Most of us become an echo to narcissus. Whilst Echo referring to tone, here the events unfolding is called dhvani in Sanskrit, which is translating to sound of a drum, empty sound without reality, tune, echo. That is, when you are a follower you become a puppet, you are echoing words of empty sounds without any meaning or reality, thus you become 'maya' an illusion without any real substance.


Do not blindly follow others. When you are able to see through appearances it will bring you clear mind, clarity, and peace. You shouldn't become an empty, hollow instrument, dancing for the beat of the drum, but you should learn to follow your own true path.

Reverse Meaning

The card is letting you know you are not following 'false prophets' you are not a hollow echo. Thus you are on the right path with a clear mind.

Reading the Card of Party.