Interpreting the Card of Consolation.

It looks as an angel visiting the man, but he also looks like the Angel of death presenting the man with two items. In one hand he is showing freshly cut leaves, which could be from an olive branch representing peace, harmony and freedom. But it also showing that you are close land, close to your destination to find what you are looking for, your journey is taking you to a rich and fertile land. It speaks of finding knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment. This is also strengthened by the book which is front of him, showing him the right path, which connecting this card to the card of Letter and Athena, who was the avatar of wisdom and knowledge. However, the Angel is offering money in his left hand, richness and prosperity, which comes with a price, the enslavement of the spirit. Hence this card is also paired with the card of Servant. In this sense the card is hinting that we come to a cross-road in our journey, and we have to make an important decision, which will decide our fate, depending on what path we take.
Will he listen to the advise of Athena, which will bring happiness and freedom or will he chose money which will chain his spirit with desires, hence sacrificing his freedom? 
What the future will bring is up to him to decide. But when we look outside, it becomes obvious that the ship, (representation of his corporal self) is already far away, which is showing indecision. That is, he cannot decide what to chose, whilst his boat is leaving without him.

The Origin of the  Consolation Card.

The card is showing indecision, which derived from the Veda. In Sanskrit it is called vicikitsa, meaning uncertainty, question, mistake, doubt, error, a mental wavering or uncertainty. Indecision can arise from zaGKA, uncertainty, doubt, hesitation, fear and distrust. Here on the card it could represent the man who is unable to trust if he will make the right decision, if he will make the right choice. Even though the book front of him providing advise, showing the way to the right path, however it is only half read, the book is half open and left on the table. Maybe that is the reason for being in two minds about the truth. Its function is a mental event in which one oscillates between two extremes concerning the relationship between one's action and its result.

Indecisiveness Erodes Confidence.

This indecision creates obstacles for everything positive and in particular for the vision of the truth. Moreover, the wavering may tend more to the side of what is true, more to the side of what is false, or be evenly divided between the two. Indecisive wavering functions as a basis for not engaging with what is constructive.

He might not trust any possible alternatives and do not want advice or any way out. This includes doubting the advise front of him, the teacher, and the virtue, as well as the norms of everyday existence.
Indecision is a perplexed thinking. It denotes unsteadiness in one particular thing that is being done. The inability to decide anything definitely that it is so.

As a result, he will feel as he failed both himself and those he care for. His confidence completely erodes, and he will doubt his ability to think. Over time, his confidence slowly fades until there's none left. He'll feel as if he failed himself and everybody he cares for. Over time he becomes consumed by self doubt. The journey to an eventual realisation can take decades, even centuries. But as with every journey, there is always a starting point.

A combination of a deficiency in self confidence, an inability to be decisive, or responsible for ones own actions (and life in general), can lead to negative actions. In other words, there is nothing worse than doubt. (this should not be confused with questioning what is heard, what is thought. You should question everything, which will lead you to the right path.) Habitual doubt is a burden which can affect many aspects of life. It can make friendships / relationships fall apart, it can destroy your life, it is essentially a lethal weapon, hence the angel of death in the image.

One's mind, when filled with confusion, can hinder spiritual maturity. Society generally promotes materialistic ideals, and therefore greed and competition, and generally celebrates shallow approaches to life. We have become so 'sophisticated' and 'modern' that we take doubt to heart, and we take our doubts as fact, while in reality, doubt is merely the action of the ego which leads to the inability to learn true knowledge.
This form of doubt is the emperor of illusion, a destructive form of doubt that leaves us nothing to believe in, nothing to hope for, and nothing to live by.

Card's  Meaning

The card bringing to your attention to chose carefully as you are at a cross road. However, indecision is a perplexed thinking. It denotes unsteadiness in one particular thing that is being done. The inability to decide anything definitely. 

Reverse Meaning

In reverse the card is showing the formation of certainty, confidence.

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M: The card bringing to your attention to chose carefully as you are at a cross road. However, indecision is a perplexed thinking.. R: In reverse the card is showing the formation of certainty, confidence.
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