The Meaning of Consolation translated from Sanskrit Origin.

The card is showing indecision, which derived from the Vedas. In Sanskrit it is called vicikitsa, meaning uncertainty, question, mistake, doubt, error, a mental wavering or uncertainty. Indecision can arise from zaGKA, uncertainty, doubt, hesitation, fear and distrust. Here on the card it could represent the man who is unable to trust if he will make the right decision, if he will make the right choice. Even though the book front of him  providing advise, showing the way to the right path, it is only half read. Maybe that is the reason for being in two minds about the truth. Its function is a mental event in which one oscillates between two extremes concerning the relationship between one's action and its result. This indecision creates obstacles for everything positive and in particular for the vision of the truth. Moreover, the wavering may tend more to the side of what is true, more to the side of what is false, or be evenly divided between the two. Indecisive wavering functions as a basis for not engaging with what is constructive. He might not trust any possible alternatives and do not want advice or any way out. This includes doubting the advise front of him, the teacher, and the virtue, as well as the norms of everyday existence. Indecision is a perplexed thinking. It denotes unsteadiness in one particular thing that is being done. The inability to decide anything definitely that it is so. As a result, he will feel as he failed both himself and those he care for. His confidence completely erodes, and he will doubt his ability to think. Over time, his confidence slowly fades until there's none left. He'll feel as if he failed himself and everybody he cares for. Over time he becomes consumed by self doubt. The journey to an eventual realisation can take decades, even centuries. But as with every journey, there is always a starting point. A combination of a deficiency in self confidence, an inability to be decisive, or responsible for ones own actions (and life in general), can lead to negative actions. In other words, there is nothing worse than doubt. Habitual doubt is a burden which can affect many aspects of life. It can make friendships / relationships fall apart, it can destroy your life, it is essentially a lethal weapon, hence the angel of death in the image. One's mind, when filled with confusion, can hinder spiritual maturity. Society generally promotes materialistic ideals, and therefore greed and competition, and generally celebrates shallow approaches to life. We have become so 'sophisticated' and 'modern' that we take doubt to heart, and we take our doubts as fact, while in reality, doubt is merely the action of the ego which leads to the inability to learn true knowledge. This form of doubt is the emperor of illusion, a destructive form of doubt that leaves us nothing to believe in, nothing to hope for, and nothing to live by.
For this reason you can also use only one card for the inquirer question. For example if the inquirer is faced with an important life-changing question, which he/she cannot decide, you can chose the card of Consolation, and explain the inquirer the meaning of indecision and it's consequences in the long run, How it will effect the future, which leads to regrets. That is the meaning of 'here and now'. To live in the here and now means you will not have live with grief, because you know the answer for the question and live accordingly in this moment.

Gypsy Way Reading Gypsy Oracle Cards.

We offer many type of Piatnik Gypsy Cards and some tarot. However, once they are gone, we will no longer order the cards. So hurry to buy them before they're all gone! There are not many Gypsy cards on the market today, only a few internet shop offering them. Gypsy cards are the best option to chose to tell fortune. However, what is less well known is that Gypsy cards are not only for fortune telling but it's main purpose was to be used as a guide to find the right path. We often wonder why things happen the way they did... The cards will answer your questions and will explore your present situation and if you learn from your past it will decide your future, depends on the options you allow yourself to chose. With the right choices you can change your fortune.

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How to Read Different Type of Gypsy Cards.


Most of us faced with so many different cards and interpretation of tarot that attempting to understand the cards become a hazy puzzle. Here we are only talking about Gypsy cards, not Rider Waite type of cards. Although both cards evolved from the same source, they took a different direction. The Rider Waite was given different interpretation then it use to represent. The Gypsy cards remained more faithful to the original tarot card, however it become limited to only 36 cards. Some, such as Art Deco and Gypsy Oracle Tarot offers 52-54 cards, which gives a more thorough explanation the tarot intended for.

Reading these different type of cards will not change the meaning however. For example the card of Sweetheart or Queen of Hearts might be portrayed differently with each tarot, however, it will only change the portrayal of the image itself, not the meaning. The meaning will always remain the same with every tarot. The Sweetheart is representing the creation of matter, she is Eva, Earth. That is why the Sweetheart always defined as a woman of gentle nature, fruitfulness, feelings, emotions, protection, so forth.
Therefore, no matter which tarot you have, Gypsy, Art Deco, Biedermeier, Oracle, or other type of card, it will mean the same.

The difference you will find is with the different cards. For example the Zigeuner card's 36 images will not have the card of Merchant, Conversation, Servant, Foreign Woman, so forth. The same cards that the Zigeuner and Art deco card have are the card of Sweetheart, Widow, Widower, Thought, etc. And in both tarot they will have identical interpretation.

What about cards such as the Le Normand? They have different images altogether, therefore, they must mean different thing. With Lenormand you will also find the card of Sweetheart as a Lady and the card of Lover as a Gentleman.  Whilst the card of Message in Gypsy card represented with Hermes in Lenorand it changed into a Cavalier, who is in the service of the king. Hermes and the Cavalier is one of the same. Hermes was the messenger between the gods and the mortals, the Cavalier also a messenger of the Gods (the King) and the mortals (people without power). They both hiding their true purpose, to spy on the general population, to assure the power of the gods.

You will find

differences between the two cards in the meaning of hope and desire. Desire in Lenormand is portrayed with stars, in Gypsy Tarot it is usually a woman dreaming of something. In Gypsy tarot Desire will give you a more clear picture of its positive and negative meaning, whilst in Lenormand it will mean what you wish for the future to happen.

Therefore, both the Lenorand type of card or the Gypsy card can be used to answer questions about matters of the heart, job, security, which defines the inquirer's state of mind, seeing the future as uncertain, something that is out of his or her hands. With the Sanskrit interpretation of the Gypsy card you will be able to guide the inquirer toward a predictable future, where the inquirer can be certain about the destination of life's voyage, realizing that the future is in his or her hands, if the inquirer learns how to live in the here and now.

Gypsy Oracle Tarot Reading

Gypsy Oracle Tarot Reading

Before starting to read any type of fortune telling cards, you should be aware a few facts about Tarot.
Firstly, tarot wasn't created to tell fortune. It was a teaching tool to find the right path. The name Tarot derived from Sanskrit. When you translate the word Tarot, you will realise this ancient origin and its original purpose. The word Taro derived from the Sanskrit word Tara, meaning road, passing over or beyond, passage, crossroad, ferry. It is also called Tarita, a form of Durga, also known as carca, meaning inquiry, discussion, recollection, which is referring to Akasha, i.e. that we already possess this knowledge and all we have to do is to remind ourselves of this wisdom.


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