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General Meaning of the Baby Card.

Representation of - Beginning of a spiritual journey.
Origin - Sanskrit - Zizu, Stoca, Akseti
Known as - Student, Stoic, Ascetic.
Symbol for - New Start, spiritual journey, rebirth, abide according to the law of purity. The card reflecting that we are not bound by chained spirit and attachment to things, which is called illusions.

The card of Child called Zizu in Sanskrit, meaning student. The other word describing the Child is Akseti (known as Ascetic), i.e. abide combined with stoka, (Stoic) meaning spark. The reason for Ascetic to follow the card of House and the card of Visitor is to represent the achievement of balance within your house your body, which is referring to you, the visitor is the spirit, the creation of trinity, constituting harmony between mind, body and spirit. Upon trinity you have reached the Matrix (mother, womb from Sanskrit Matra) and become a child, a Zizu, meaning scholar, a student who is eager to master the sacred knowledge, the harmony which will connect zizu in the future to Akasha.The Trinity created between the spaces, spirit, mind and body, and the Matrix protection will guide you though difficulties helping you to overcome obstacles (vagara), for one day to become a vaida, a wise man. The Matrix also known as Rhea in Sanskrit, meaning ascending, rising, sprout, germinating, growth. It also known as recana; purging, cleansing, referring to spiritual growth. As a child, a student (Zizu) have a lot of difficulty to overcome, a lot to learn, hence the Spirit becomes the mother, a guide, who is helping in spiritual growth, and protection. To understand what the elements in spiritual growth, we need to understand what it means. Each discipline is intended as a guide, helping to recover the essential nature, specifically concerning moral behaviour and intend to assist in the growth of the Being. Moral action, moral speech, wholesome livelihood, and moral effort. Specific aids for nurturing wisdom: Real spirituality begins when that connection is established. By accessing and acquiring connection, we are no longer believe in the Creator or theorise about our inner Self, but we know it. We can experience it, we can talk to it, we can get information from it. We know what it is from experience, the meaning of spiritual growth. That Being is not a terrestrial self, but it is related to the universal spirit, ruha i.e. ascended, known as Rhea, who is guiding us to find this real spiritual person within us, the connection in a dialogue with the spirit, who become part of our inner being. This connection is not vague, invented, or fantasised. It is experienced. True spirituality is the direct connection between the terrestrial person and the spiritual man, Atman (self), our inner world, the psyche, the soul.....


The card of child representing the beginning of a spiritual journey, rebirth, our connection to the universe, to humanity, which is our only hope for a better future. It highlights our spiritual awareness of life but also that sometimes it is necessary to take an apparently risky step to discover our physical and spiritual connection to the realm of spirit, to the unity or the wholeness of the Universe, which connects all living things.

Reverse Meaning

When the Child card appears in reverse, it representing negligence, absence, carelessness, apathy and vanity.

Reading the Card of Baby.