Tarot Books:

Before starting to read any type of fortune telling cards, you should be aware a few facts about Tarot. Firstly, tarot wasn't created to tell fortune, but it is guide to discover your present situation by exploring the past, which will bring you a better future..

Tarot Books for Starters:

If you would like to start out with Gypsy Cards for the first time, the Pdf ebooks bellow are highly recommended. It is easy to understand, includes image symbolism, meaning, reverse meaning and some spreads, to make it easy you journey into the secrets of Gypsy Card Reading.Gypsy Tarot e-books, complete guide to learning Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards. There are many PDF e-books to chose form, with detailed explanation.

Gypsy Cards:

The most popular Gypsy cards is made by Piatnik. The Piatnik cards are printed in Austria and Hungary and distributed all over the world. However, Gypsy cards slowly becoming extinct, because not many people buying them.

Printing Your Gypsy Cards:

Print your own Playing Cards for telling fortune or to use it as a playing card. The cards have easy to read images, placed in PDF e-book. Playing deck have 52 cards and within each card a hidden symbolism waiting to be revealed. Each cards have description of their meaning.

Gypsy Card Set:

Tarot Card Sets, offers you Gypsy Cards and their interpretation, in Pdf ebook format. The set is very useful when you would like to start out on a new type of card, or you are starting out, exploring Gypsy cards for the first time.

Lenormand Card Reading:

Lenormand Card interpreting in 4 Position Card Reading e-book is a complete guide to learning Mlle Lenormand Fortune Telling Card. This tarot book is recommended for those who would like to start our on Gypsy Card Reading, but advanced tarot readers can also benefit from this ebook. The ebook is 102 pages, A4, 9.37 MB.

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There are many type of Gypsy Cards and, whether Hungarian, Austrian or Italian are a system all on their own. Well, this is what the  common belief system is  
among Tarot Readers. That is why Gypsy cards are not called Tarot Cards. What is the difference? Tarot cards like Rider Waite are numbered and usually  
consist of 78 cards. Whilst Gypsy cards are not numbered and don't have major and minor arcanas. What is Arcana? Arcana translating as 'secrets or  
mysteries', hidden, concealed secrets. The word is originated from Latin arcanus, from arcere ‘to shut up’, from arca ‘chest’. However, this word goes  
much further back than Latin, it's origin derived from Sanskrit language 'arcana' translating to  worship, honor and it is also relating to the primordial Sun.
About Us
This website only provides information about Gypsy Cards, the
origin of spells, anything to do with Sanskrit language, is
translated, which opens an ancient history previously unknown to
most of us.
How Sanskrit Language Relating to Tarot Cards? The creators of
Sanskrit language were ancient people who also left us writing,
hieroglyphics as well, since Sanksrit used picture writing. Hieroglyphics
was the base of Greek alphabet and later on the Roman.
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