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The Gypsy Oracle Cards have 52 cards, size .66x96 mm with beautiful images and description. The Gypsy Oracle fortune telling card have images which you do not find among other Gypsy Cards.
This Gypsy Tarot is beautifully illustrated 36 cards by KVIZ, no# 2489, made in Hungary.
The Hungarian Gypsy cards contained in Piatnik series No. 1901 and 1904, 36 cards land themselves well to use by the inexperienced cartomancer.
These 56 cards have beautiful, easy to read images and description. It comes with a booklet instructions with meaning and reverse meaning. The fortune telling miniature cards live up to its name because it is very small indeed, it is the size of a matchbox, 56x37 mm.
Mlle Lenormand Jeu de Destin, 1941115, Taro Cards. Lenormand tarot cards are illustrated with classic fortune telling scenes from the 19th Century.
In this 32-card deck, there are 4 layers of imagery: Each card has a circled  set-number.
The Cleopatra tarot synthesizes the religious and astrological culture of the time, reuniting the 78 Egyptian divinities divided into groups according to their power. The Major Arcana illustrate 22 Triumph cards of the Tarot.
The Ibis is a representation of Thoth or Djehuti or from Greek thoth, (derived from Sanskrit Ihati meaning attempts, long for, desire, obtain), was one of the deities of the Egyptian pantheon.
The Rider Waite Tarot Card is innovative 78-card tarot deck that would come to be recognized as revolutionary. With descriptive pictures on the 56 Minor Arcana cards, the Rider-Waite deck digressed from the tradition of tarot deck used for centuries and set the standard for nearly every tarot deck published today.
Gypsy Cards and Tarot.
ART DECO fortune telling cards by Piatnik, New Italian Regional 52 cards.
Biedermeier Fortune Telling Deck or cartomancy deck by Piatnik #1904. These 32 beautifully illustrated Biedermeier cards have wonderful images and description in 6 languages including English.
The Dark Grimoire Tarot deck includes 78 full-color cards. The Dark Grimoire Tarot is therefore a key that can open forgotten doors in the darkest corners of the psyche, you are able to gaze into the mind, and see the future of humanity if continues on this path.
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There are many technical words in Gypsy Card Reading, for instance, 'inquirer'. What is it? The inquirer is the person who is asking the question. The question have to be precise, to get an explicit answer. Some people wondering how can Gypsy card images tell the future? Actually it doesn't. Gypsy card or tarot cards are not designed to tell future, but it is designed to understand your past, which brought you to your present situation and your present which will decide the future. You have to remember that the interpretation of each cards were developed to guide you in your journey of life, how to achieve a happy and balanced lifestyle.

Ibis Tarot includes 78 full-color cards...


The Ibis Tarot Card is a unique combination of philosophical insight and masterful craftsmanship. It is most evident in the beautifully detailed symbolism of the Ibis Tarot. The Ibis is a representation of Thoth or Djehuti or from Greek thoth, (derived from Sanskrit Ihati meaning attempts, long for, desire, obtain), was one of the deities of the Egyptian pantheon. In art, he was often depicted as a man with the head of an ibis or a baboon, animals sacred to him.

His feminine counterpart was Seshat, and his wife was Ma'at. Thoth's chief temple was located in the city of Khmun, later called Hermopolis Magna during the Greco-Roman era(in reference to him through the Greeks' interpretation that he was the same as their god Hermes from Sanskrit Harenu, meaning the same as Ihati) and Shmounein in the Coptic rendering, and was partially destroyed in 1826 CE. In that city, he led the Ogdoad pantheon of eight principal deities.

Josef Machynka was born in December 29, 1957. in Bad Voslau near Vienna, Austria. He studied painting at Vienna's Academy for Fine Arts. Machynka began to inquire into philosophical and mystical themes and thus the various modern and classical versions of the Tarot became his constant companions. The so-called 'symbolic realism' of his paintings speaks of a deeply ethical worldview, one in accordance with the laws of harmony and beauty in all of nature.

If you would like to understand your future, you have to examine your past and your present situation. With the card of Constancy, you are able to understand your past, present and future. When you want to know your future through Gypsy card or Tarot, you want to know the order of time. The dimension of time can be measured only with the help of certain standards, that is to say, motions that are accepted as being even, ordered. The perception of time also allows you to assess the sequence and duration of events. Depending on our subjective sensations such as merriment or grief, fortune or misfortune, time seems either short or long. Time is a form of coordination of objects and states of matter in their succession. It consists in the fact that every state is a consecutive link in a process and has certain quantitative relations with other states. The order of succession of these objects and states forms the structure of time. Space and time are universal forms of the existence of matter, the coordination of objects. The universality of these forms lies in the fact that they are forms of existence of all the objects and processes that have ever existed or will exist in the infinite universe. Not only the events of the external world, but also all feelings and thoughts take place in space and time. In the material world everything has extension and duration. Space and time have their peculiarities. Space has three dimension, but time has only one-from the past through the present to the future. It is inevitable, unrepeatable and irreversible. Therefore, the card of Constancy is a reminder to learn to understand the here and now. The past is gone, the future didn't happen, so you only have this moment, which will be gone in a blink of an eye. By reflecting on the past, you are able to heal your present mind, which will bring a better future. "Do not lessen the time by following desire, for the wasting of time is an abomination to the spirit.". Read more >>

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