Harmony is a key concept in both music and life. It is the result of different elements working together in a pleasing and coherent manner. Gypsy tarot is a tool that can help us achieve harmony in our lives by revealing the hidden forces and patterns that shape our destiny. Gypsy tarot cards are rich in symbolism and history, reflecting the wisdom and culture of the Romani people. They can offer guidance, insight, and inspiration for any situation or question.

Tarotpdf is a website that specializes in Gypsy tarot and other forms of divination. You can find a variety of Gypsy tarot decks by Piatnik, such as the Gypsy Oracle Cards, the Art Deco Tarot, and the Biedermeier Fortune Telling Cards. You can also find other types of fortune-telling cards from Hungary, such as the Gigany Kartya and the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten. Tarotpdf also provides ebooks and tutorials on how to read and interpret these cards, as well as free online readings. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Tarotpdf can help you discover the secrets of Gypsy tarot and enhance your life with harmony and balance.



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The Arc of Covenant, the Sun and Time, Constancy.


Why use Sanskrit language with tarot reading? What is the purpose of explaining tarot with an unknown language?

Sanskrit is an ancient and complex language that has a rich history and literature. It is considered to be the mother of all languages. Sanskrit the ancient language of the Phoenicians (Gypsies), is an ideal language to understand tarot. Sanskrit has precise and logical grammar, a rich vocabulary, and a clear structure that can facilitate higher knowledge and understanding. Sanskrit can enable you to learn from a vast corpus of philosophical and scientific texts that contain insights into the nature of reality and consciousness.

The Phoenicians were a remarkable civilization that flourished in the Mediterranean region. They were renowned for their cultural achievements. You will not find much information about them, or the truth about them, neither of tarot, because it is hidden away from the world. Most of us are thought to ignore the truth about history. This was a deliberate decision since ancient times, to manipulate information and influence people's opinions. For this reason most people believe Tarot is made to predict the future, especially concerning love life. History is hiding the facts and presenting alternative narratives, so the few could achieve their goals more effectively. However, this strategy will backfire when we awaken to the truth not only about the world but also about ourselves, with the help of Tarot, using this sacred language allowing you to see the truth, opening your third eye.

Constancy, the sun represents our origin, it is referring to life, continuation, and covenant. The origin of this image of the sun and the eye in the middle is the most ancient symbol created. Constancy is the Arc of Covenant. The Covenant is our unbreakable bondage to the Sun (which is within you). Whilst the Arc means brightness, they call it the light of God (again within you), known as Ziv in Sanskrit. It is a union with time and space, which can never be separated, and thus, you are part of the past, present, and future simultaneously, but only in this present moment.

The benefit of Tarot is that it teaches rational thinking, which leads to a more harmonious state of mind and life. When we use logic to examine our thoughts and actions, we can reduce the influence of emotions that may cloud our judgment or cause us to react in ways that we regret later. Rational thinking helps us to be more aware of our inner states and to avoid acting on impulses or feelings that may be harmful or irrational. By using logic, we can also establish clear and consistent boundaries that respect our values and goals. Furthermore, rational thinking allows us to make decisions based on evidence and careful analysis, rather than on assumptions or biases that may lead us astray.
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Monday, June 17, 2019

The King of Hearts has many names, but they're all referring to One. His names explain how the universe was created and one cannot describe it with one word, but with the many. He is known as YHVH, from the Phoenician Sanskrit Yah-Vah and it means "The One Who Expanded Into The Universe. In other words, it speaks of Genesis, inflation, the creation of the cosmos, and You.

Many people attempted to understand what the word Israel means and how can it be related to the King. The word Israel explains who the King of Hearts is, and it links to Genesis. The word's meaning becomes clear in the Sanskrit language, spoken by the Phoenicians, and is composed of 3 letters.

Iz = the supreme spirit,
Ra = gold, splendor, brightness, y-axis, elevated spot. But Ra evolved from the Phoenician P, phi, which means units united. Here it means the 'unification of 3'. The P was changed by the Greeks.
El = L = Lambda in Greek derived from the Phoenician (Sanskrit) Lamed. The letter L refers to the beginning,  z-axis, that is, the starting point, 0.
The other name El is also known as El-Yah and Allah,Ellil, Enlil, Anu, etc., which speaks of the 0-point expansion into the universe we see today.

Ra and L (el) are the axis along which values of z are measured and at which both x and y equal zero.

The Emperor or King's number is 30, which is 3 and 0. The 0 appears in the tarot as the Fool. The number 3 speaks of the different names for different parts the King of Hearts made up, yet the 3 is equal to the starting point 0, and the 3 names equal to 1 name because 3 is the characteristics that exists within the Emperor as one entity.

This trinity consists of Ra, the tiniest particle that can exist and it has no name in English. The second part is known as Jesus from Yah-suS = Yah-suS-tIvra-jJAna =  the spread of frequency (motion) = time. Tivi = intensive, jJAna = knowledge The relationship between time and frequency: T=1/f. In short the appearance of time. The third is known as the holy spirit, called ag-ni which translates to Carrier of Fire, which played out in the Olympic games. The flame spreads the message of peace and friendship between people as in the universe, the harmony of the Trinity.

In Tarot the carrier of fire is the Maiden. It is left in the Olympic Games, the Carrier of Fire, the Holly Spirit starting life.

In religion, it is known as the Father, the Sun, and the Holy Spirit = Trinity.

Why tarot was forbidden by the church? Because it contains ancient secrets, included in the Bible. What are they? For example, Solomon Temple is no other but the card of the House, and the House is representing you. The other secret is the Arc of Covenant. Is it an object, hidden somewhere? Is it lost? No. The Arc of Covenant is within you. It is  light, it is enlightenment. There are many other hidden secrets within Tarot, and that was the reason to forbid it. It contains the ancient secrets the Phoenicians left for you to discover.