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Tarot Reading

How can Gypsy card help you?

There is a word - Tantra (thesis, study) - embedded in Gypsy Cards, which is an ancient science of increasing awareness to expand consciousness and that is the original purpose of tarot. For instance, the card of Visitor in Gypsy card, represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until this friend arrives.

Tarot is a voyage through time and space, consciousness, and the third eye, guiding you to find home. Whilst the  image of Hope is represented with an anchor, which is closely related to Ankh and it is symbolic of creation, union of opposites.

With this ancient language you can discover ancient words, which lost its original meaning, like the word  labyris, adopted by the Lydians, and wrongly translated as ”double axe”. Its origin comes from a bee, i.e. pollination of the solar system, represented by the card of Widower. This ancient language speaks of healing, announces great spiritual satisfaction safety and salvation, deliverance, preservation from harm.

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Why tarot was forbidden by the church? Because it contains ancient secrets, included in the Bible. What are they? For example, Solomon Temple is no other but the card of the House, and the House is representing you. The other secret is the Arc of Covenant. Is it an object, hidden somewhere? Is it lost? No. The Arc of Covenant is within you. It is the light and enlightenment. There are many other hidden words within Tarot, and that was the reason to forbid it. It contains the ancient secrets the Phoenicians left for you to discover.