Above the Queen, the Bull shows the gate where matter could spread into the universe called the Titans (Sanskrit titaniSu), marking the beginning of creation, in short E=Mc2 and vice versa. She is called Eva, translating to matter The Queen is called illusion; since she is the copy of energy into matter, she is the reflection of the King, and the balance (time) assures stability between energy and matter. The Queen of Hearts represents perfection, a woman of extraordinary beauty and charm who inspires great affinity eternal knowledge, which derives from the centre of consciousness through intuition and one of the primordial deities. Her other name is Gatra (Gaia), the great mother of all: the creator and giver of heavenly gods, the Titans, and the Giants were born. The gods reigning over their classical pantheon from Sanskrit pauteo = foundation of a house life was born, from her union with Adam (energy, the Sun). Her name Eva also derives from the Phoenician writing system, consisting of three letters, and each letter has a meaning.

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Le Jeu Du Destin Antique 32-Card by Piatnik.


Le Jeu Du Destin Antique 32-card deck, there are 4 layers of imagery: Each card has a circled set-number. These numbers run in straight descending order, like A, K,  Q, J, T, 9, 8, 7 -- from the Ace of Hearts at number 1  through the 7 of Clubs at number 32), a small inset representing the respective playing card face. A larger scene in which human figures subtly act out the card's meaning, and, at top right, a mnemonic symbol from classical sacred imagery (the 12 court cards bear the signs of the Zodiac and the 20 pip cards display an array of Greco-Roman gods and goddesses). The central figures are a mid-19th century and classical in costume, drawn in typical European style period., 32 cards. The LeJeu Destin Antique Tarot Card have 4 layers of imagery: Each card has a circled set-number.



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Sample reading of Destin Antique Gypsy Card. The  image symbolism of this Antique Playing Card is more than meets the eye.

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Queen of Hearts:
Above the Queen, the Bull shows the gate where matter could spread into the universe called the Titans (Sanskrit titaniSu), marking the beginning of creation, in short E=M (energy=matter) and vice versa.

King of Hearts: The King of Hearts is the Emperor, a portrayal of natural consciousness. Through it, it completed or perfected the nature of all that exist beneath the sphere of the Sun. Above him is a ram represents power to overcome and achieve. It reflects the assertion of strength in creative ways to achieve a breakthrough. It is also associated with sacrifice. The ram serves as the icon for action, the fifth element of heroism.

Seven of Hearts: - The Seven of Hearts representing open possibilities, but it is also the card where you are trying out new things.

Ten of Hearts: The number 10 is called daza (ten) and dazanabIja (pomegranate), and they both portray life, regeneration, prosperity, eternal life. Its symbol is a triangle, and in Sanskrit, it is the letter D, gate, the Phoenix and number 10.

Eight of Diamonds: The Eight of Diamonds may indicate new skills added, branching out, generating adventure, excitement.

Nine of Hearts: The image of this card shows prosperity through hard work. Whilst the playing card represents you and life's journey, learning how to create harmony.

  • SWEETHEART - The Empress advise you not to give up when you are having difficulties.
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Free Gypsy Tarot Reading with Antique Cards

The Ace of Clubs, despite the image portrayal of illness, sadness, or even death, showing safety. It speaks of deliverance and preservation from harm, with the application of higher wisdom, known as Soteria. Whilst in the corner of the image, we can see a man with one hand up and the other down, like in Rider the card of Magician, the representation of your physical manifestation, a portrayal of House, you, and your participation in the universal reality, playing out in human life. Therefore, the card is showing rebirth. The Healer is called Sattra, from the Sanskrit base word 'sat' meaning safety and salvation, deliverance, preservation from harm. Sattra signifies healing, sanctuary, knowledge. It implies new life, spiritual essence, and purpose, activating your inner growth. Sattra left in Greek mythology as Soteria, the goddess or the personified spirit of restoration to a state of safety. The other word relating to the Healer is ZaraNa (Sanskrit). ZaraNa later was transformed into Nazareth, better known by Jesus from Nazareth, and it means protection of the Universe. Therefore, the card of Healer is conveying safety and balance in the Universal Consciousness. Furthermore, Soteria implies to your teacher, your guide, and you can consciously choose the path of right actions.


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