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ART DECO fortune telling cards by Piatnik, New Italian Regional 52 cards.
Biedermeier Fortune Telling Deck or cartomancy deck by Piatnik #1904. These 32 beautifully illustrated Biedermeier cards have wonderful images and description in 6 languages including English.
The Gypsy Oracle Cards have 52 cards, size .66x96 mm with beautiful images and description. The Gypsy Oracle fortune telling card have images which you do not find among other Gypsy Cards.
This Gypsy Tarot is beautifully illustrated 36 cards by KVIZ, no# 2489, made in Hungary.
The Hungarian Gypsy cards contained in Piatnik series No. 1901 and 1904, 36 cards land themselves well to use by the inexperienced cartomancer.
Mlle Lenormand Jeu de Destin, 1941115, Taro Cards. Lenormand tarot cards are illustrated with classic fortune telling scenes from the 19th Century.
Sound (vibration) serves as gateways to the realms of knowledge and understanding that inform and control life on earth, and, presumably, the after-death state of non-physical life as well. That is why Sanskrit language is called 'the language of the gods', meaning, it is the only language, which can connect you to the universe. What is less well known is that Sanksrit language is the native language of the Romani people, called Gypsies.

Sanskrit words and sounds can open the mind to be able to communicate with spiritual beings who welcome the opportunity to interact with human consciousness.
These Sanskrit resonances can confirm to the aspiring student who seeks the nature of truth. Sanskrit is the alphabet of the Law of Correspondence, it based on complex mathematical formula, resonance, tune, which is forming invisible geometrical shapes, lines... 

These Sanskrit vibrations can confirm to the aspiring student who seeks the nature of truth. That is, the outer world is nothing more than a reflection of our inner world. This universal principle acknowledges the inter-connection of all things with all other things. However, this knowledge is lost, due to the thieves enslavement of the Phoenicians, the enslavement of the Romani people, so they'll be able to take the crown,
Y which they thought will enable them to control the universe.
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ART DECO fortune telling cards by Piatnik, New Italian Regional 52 cards. The cards have beautiful Art Deco images that look to be out of the 1930's with descriptor words in 5 languages including English. Each card have a caption in 5 languages.Card size: 58 x 89 mm 52 cards + 3 additional cards (including 2 with explanatory text in German). The Art Deco fortune telling card is an expansion of the Viennese Biedermeier and "Gypsy" Cartomancy sets to a full complement of 52 cards. The old standbys -- the House, Judge, Sweetheart, Fox, Death, Merriment, Letter, and Desire -- are still there, but they have been joined by added images relating to 20th century social concerns (Treason, the Foreign Woman, Pride). Read more >> understand Gypsy Cards the Bohemian Way >>

The Ancient Way Reading Gypsy Cards.

The Ancient Way Reading Gypsy Card reveals that Tarot is older then previously thought. How old is the Tarot? It is older then any civilization, it is older then the Pyramids. Egypt didn't exist, neither any country when Tarot appeared. It was used as a teaching tool, how to continue in your life's journey....

The Art Deco Tarot Reading is a Pdf and Flip-Page ebook, 154 pages, and 12.00 MB in pdf and 35.3 MB page-flip publication. Please note, the page numbers and download size is subject to change, as we continuously updating the book. You will receive it in both format as a download.

The Art Deco cards first published by Piatnik in 1936, and the poster like images relating to the current times and the social concerns. When you study the cards deeper, than the image simplicity suggested at first sight, starting to reveal its complex secrets, a deep understanding about human nature, the psyche, helping you to understand yourself.

The Tower in Sanskrit - TA-la-aksa, adopted by the Greeks as Talos and it is a representation of Protection. In Gypsy Card it is the Old man who is a portrayal of protection, such as in Art Deco Card.
Ta-la-aksa, or Talos corresponding to the Letter T, i.e. Earth and the letter P, Etana (Eta in Greek), means breathing out, breath. That is, the breath of Earth, referring to Earth's magnetic field, the protector from harm. It is also the Breath of the Universe, which created life.

The Old Man, appears not only as The Tower but as the King of Pentacles. Through it is created the Life-Breath of every creature under the Supreme Orb (Magnetic Field), as well as the motion of them all, (gravity).

What is this protection exactly? Is it protection from evil? or is it something else altogether... Talos in Greek mythology originated from three Sanskrit Words; tA-la-akSA. T or TA translates as Earth and womb, la means 3 dimensional and akSa means axis, referring to the core of the Earth and it's protection. tA-la-akSA or Talos also known as Papo in Greek and Sanskrit, Babuji in Indian, and Pharaoh in Egypt meaning protector, guardian. However, the main meaning is three-dimensional or Euclidean space. It is commonly represented by the symbol R3, it's ancient symbol is pr-3 , Pharaoh from Sanskrit Prarohat. It's meaning is the same, representing the head of the household, 'Protector'.



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